How Does a # Remind You of Chiropractic?

First quarter Philosophy I final exam. Dr. Decken asked us to prepare an answer to a question about how any item or topic reminds us of chiropractic. It is an exercise that makes you think about how you can incorporate chiropractic into every situation and prepares students to begin to think about patent education. The topic that we were given was how does a waiter/waitress remind you of chiropractic. I have since thought about this exercise several times.

Right now I am sitting in an airport. I can just imagine Dr. Decken sitting next to me asking me, “Melinda, how does an airport remind you of chiropractic?”

Well Dr. Decken, I am glad you asked. As I walk my daughters to the terminal at the airport we come upon the moving sidewalk. The sidewalk allows us to reach our terminal faster. The moving sidewalk reminds me of myelinated axons in the nervous system. As my husband walks next to us on the non-moving sidewalk I am reminded of the unmyelinated axons.

How Does a # Remind You of Chiropractic?

If both sidewalks are blocked we will not be able to reach our destination as fast or maybe even at all! The same is true in our body. Subluxation interferes with information reaching its target resulting in decreased function. Chiropractic can remove interference and allow the sidewalk to run again getting everyone where they need to go.

William M. Decken is an associate professor of clinical sciences and chair of the philosophy department. He has a B.A. from Marist College (1979) and a D.C. from Sherman College (1986), and Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is the developer of Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers course presented by Sherman for the benefit of those in the profession who would like a greater understanding of chiropractic philosophy and its application.

<>He teaches Philosophy I and II, Subluxation Theories and Communications. He has been with the college since his graduation in 1986.  He maintains a small private family practice in Spartanburg.