Lyceum 2021: Time to Shine

A notice to our Lyceum guests:

Sherman College has been carefully evaluating plans for Lyceum 2021 over the past few weeks in accordance with current events and local, state and federal recommendations regarding COVID-19. The college has opted to postpone Lyceum 2021 until October 28-30, 2021, in hopes that we can host our homecoming and continuing education event experience on campus and in person.

Of course, as the year progresses, we will continue to evaluate the safety and potential liability of hosting this event, and we will keep you informed with as much advance notice as possible, keeping in mind your need to arrange travel plans and logistics. No matter what happens, you can count on Lyceum 2021 happening on October 28-30, either in-person or virtually.

We want to see chiropractic flourish, and the Continuing Education staff are committed to doing our part in developing and facilitating the best program we can to support the profession. We will continue to serve you by delivering outstanding content to help you learn, grow and better serve your communities. 

We desire nothing more than to host this event in person so we can see our friends, connect with new ones, and celebrate our wonderful profession together, the way B.J. intended at the first Lyceum so many years ago.

Please watch our website ( for the latest program information and updates. One way or another, we’ll see you in October!

In Health,

Dr. Jillian Farrell, ’09

Director of Continuing Education