Meet Melinda!

Dr. Charles Kenya

Meet Melinda!

Why, at the age of 27, being a mother of two daughters (Abigail, 4, and Roslyn, 2) and a wife to a wonderful husband, would I leave my hometown of Sevierville, TN, to study chiropractic at Sherman College? I have grown up with chiropractic my whole life. My father and uncle are both chiropractors and work together in practice.

I wanted to be a chiropractor at a young age, but the thought of dissection turned me away. Instead, I pursued a business degree from Brenau University Women’s College, worked in sales, then changed careers to become a massage therapist. I wanted to be involved in the family business, but I was not ready to make to leap to become a chiropractor.

After 2 years of massage therapy, it hit me: if I were to go back to school to become a chiropractor, by the time I finish, I will still have 30+ years left to work! So now I spend Monday through Friday at school and the weekends in TN with my family. After 14 quarters, I will be able to provide care for my family and my community like I have received my whole life.

If you are thinking about a career in chiropractic, it may not seem like the right time, dissection might be a scary thought, or a million other reasons (insert yours here)…  it is the right choice. Come join me at Sherman College!