New Beginnings: Q&A with Dr. Jim Dubel

New Beginnings Dr. Dubel

Chiropractic Without Compromise

Sherman College is set to be the spotlight school at New Beginnings’ spring event, scheduled May 20-23, 2021, in Asbury Park, NJ. In celebration of New Beginnings’ 30th anniversary, we asked founder Dr. Jim Dubel a few questions about the organization’s history and accomplishments.



How does New Beginnings support and inspire the profession?

New Beginnings is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating chiropractic without compromise. We strive to innately serve mankind while enhancing the quality of life today, and to create a healthier and more perfect world. To this end, we have been gathering three times a year since 1991. We support and inspire the profession by sharing our philosophy, fellowship, and passion for chiropractic. We invite other principled chiropractors to share their love for our profession and their success stories and new ideas to help others of like thought and mind.


How and why does New Beginnings support schools like Sherman College?

Over the years, doctors from nearly every chiropractic school in the world have attended a New Beginnings Weekend. Those who attend share our values (a principled group) and adhere to the principles of chiropractic set forth by the founder and developer of this incredible profession. The schools that teach this information are those we support both by financial means and in sending students to those institutions. Sherman College is one of those schools!


Did you expect NB to be this successful when founding it 30 years ago? What was your goal then, and what is it now?

Thirty years have flown by, and several of our old guard have gone, yet many original board members and attendees, who put our weekends together, are still here helping to keep it strong and fun after all these years. That is a credit to our values of family and the chiropractic principles. It is a lifestyle and gathering three times each year, much like a family reunion. You look forward to it and are happy to see familiar faces and welcome the new ones to the family!


How has it been welcoming daughter (and 2017 Sherman grad) Stephanie to the profession and the NB leadership?

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Dr. Steph in the office! She grabbed hold of the wheel and began steering the ship. She came out of Sherman ready to take on the world, and she is now an intricate part of New Beginnings. She shares our philosophy, lifestyle and loves the fellowship that New Beginnings offers. Thank goodness she’s here and that she got such a great education from Sherman!