Online CE Spotlight: Joe Donofrio

Free CE Hour from Dr. Donofrio

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In 2020, The Continuing Education Department offered DCs the gift of a free hour of CE and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Dr. Christopher Kent’s hour was so popular that they have decided to make it a tradition!

This year, they are featuring an hour of online CE by another Sherman alum, Dr. Joe Donofrio, ’94. Dr. Donofrio is a second-generation chiropractor and has been deeply involved with the college either as a student, supporter, or employee for over 30 years. He has 7 kids with his wife, Amy, and lives with 5 of them here in the upstate.

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1.       What motivates you to provide CE content for the profession? I want to see the profession advance into a new era of chiropractic where our principles stay pure but drive new ways to practice and relate to patients and other professionals.

2.       What do you hope to have DCs achieve by taking your courses?  A deep regard for chiropractic’s traditional identity and an interest in new ideas that are congruent with it.

3.       Who inspires you professionally? The people I work with every day at Sherman College. Faculty, administrators and staff. They do great work in advancing the mission of the college, and I just want for the profession, outside the campus to be aware of it.

4.       How do you recharge, or do you have any tips on maintaining longevity in this profession? Things don’t always go the way I want them to in chiropractic, but God made me to serve a role in this profession. My job is to us my skills as best as I can and leave the results in His hands.  So, this keeps me from being too deflated when things don’t go my way. It also keeps me from feeling overly self-important when they do.

5.       Where do you see the profession going in the future? It’s complicated, but basically, I see that those of us who promote the correction of vertebral subluxations because they are intrinsically bad for human life, will become more cohesive and identifiable as a specialty focus area in a profession that will generally expand in scope. Sherman College is a place where “subluxation centered chiropractors” can come together.