Philosophy by Fire: Bonfire

Bonfire Event

Philosophy by Fire: Bonfire

New Beginnings Philosophy Club sponsored a Friday evening “Philosophy by Fire” on the Sherman Campus a few weeks ago. It was the re-creation of a tradition from some time ago when students would often gather by the fire with guitar and refreshments.

Back in the woods, there is a rustic amphitheater of wooden seats, small stage and a circle of stones for a fire. OOOooh, doesn’t that sound like fun? A FIRE CIRCLE!

It was a lot of fun! A bit hot though, as it was late August and the night had not yet cooled. The fire was huge and mesmerizing. There were marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate for S’mores. Sticks were even provided for roasting. 🙂

Dr. Jon Hart opened the Sherman Museum for students and prospective students to visit. Dr. Ron Castellucci, the advisor of the club, was present to add to the discussion and Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer, Sherman president, was our speaker of the evening.

Dr. Jon began by reminding us of the sacrifice of some of the earlier chiropractors. Helen and Dr. Gordon Brown are two pioneers who in fact live on the grounds of Sherman Campus and have willed their home to the school. Dr. Brown continues to be active on the Board of Regents. We discussed ongoing changes to the Health Center and curriculum that will bring students new course options.

In all, it was a great night and New Beginnings Philosophy Club hopes to do more bonfires in the future. I believe October will be perfect for the next Bonfire!

Students at event
(Sherman President Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer is standing second from right)

Students next to bonfire
(blogger and recent grad Dr. Jonathan Holloway is on the left)