Pre-Chiropractic Institute Launched by Sherman College, Spartanburg Community College

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Sherman College of Chiropractic and Spartanburg Community College Form New Partnership to Launch Pre-Chiropractic Institute

Spartanburg, S.C. – On June 16, 2010, Sherman College of Chiropractic and Spartanburg Community College (SCC) formalized an agreement to create the Pre-Chiropractic Institute (PCI) at Spartanburg Community College.

Through the Institute, SCC students can earn an Associate of Science Degree with Pre-Chiropractic Electives and a Pre-Chiropractic Certificate, and then seamlessly transfer to Sherman College of Chiropractic, where they can complete a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Students can now earn an associate’s degree and a graduate degree in approximately 6½ years.

“The Pre-Chiropractic Institute at SCC will provide students with a convenient, cost-effective and timely path to enrollment at Sherman College and to their futures as doctors of chiropractic,” said Sherman College President, Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer. “The PCI is a highly attractive option for future Sherman students already at SCC, as well as out-of-state students who are looking to relocate to Spartanburg, take prerequisite courses such as organic chemistry, anatomy, and physics at SCC, then begin at Sherman.”

Sherman College and SCC have had a long-standing, mutually beneficial relationship. Students from Sherman College use SCC campus resources like the library, and SCC classes have visited Sherman College for anatomy lab tours. Many Sherman College graduates are also instructors at SCC.

Both colleges are a part of the College Town consortium, which aims to integrate academic leadership and social opportunities for students from six colleges in the Spartanburg area. “This partnership exemplifies the true spirit of College Town by aligning complimentary programs to provide more opportunities for our students,” said SCC President, Dr. Para M. Jones. “It is a privilege to have a relationship with Sherman College and to offer this unique educational opportunity to our students.”

  Pre-Chiropractic Institute Launched by Sherman College and SCC 

President Para Jones of Spartanburg Community College, student Amanda Davis, President Jon Schwartzbauer of Sherman College of Chiropractic

Amanda Davis, an SCC student who has already completed her prerequisites for the Doctor of Chiropractic program, states “I believe the Pre-Chiropractic Institute will benefit prospective students in a great way. Having an advisor at SCC who can help them get everything they need to pursue a graduate degree at Sherman will make the process a lot easier.” The SCC program advisor is also a Sherman College graduate who has walked in these students’ shoes. “I’ve been there so I can advise students on more than just what classes to take,” said Dr. Gail Jones.

The SCC curriculum not only fulfills Sherman College’s prerequisite requirements but it also includes courses in business, Spanish, marketing, and entrepreneurship, which provide critical exposure and knowledge to students on running a chiropractic business.

According to research conducted by Fast Company magazine, the chiropractic profession offers one of the top 10 best jobs in America, and the U.S. Department of Labor expects employment for chiropractors to grow “much faster than average” as consumer demand for alternative healthcare increases. Graduates in this field can manage their own business, associate with an established chiropractor, teach, or conduct chiropractic research. They can also choose to focus on a particular area of chiropractics such as sports performance, family care or animal chiropractic.

For more information about the Pre-Chiropractic Institute contact Phyllis Rogers in the SCC Admissions Center at (864) 592-4816 or Dr. Gail Jones in the SCC Science Department at (864) 592-4962 or call toll free at (800) 922-3679.

To learn more about the doctor of chiropractic program at Sherman College please contact Kristy Shephard, admission counselor at (800) 849-8771, ext. 211.

Fall semester classes at SCC begin August 16, and registration is going on now. Individuals interested in applying to the College for the fall semester can contact the SCC Admissions Center at (864) 592-4800 or toll-free (866) 591-3700 or apply online at

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