We’ve done it! We’ve found a way to bring you quality Sherman College continuing education programming, that you’ve come to know and love, to a computer or mobile device near YOU. With more states allowing online continuing education credit, we’ve jumped aboard the information superhighway to make obtaining your continuing education credits for licensure easier and more cost effective.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure the program is approved in the state to which they would like to receive credit. If your state of licensure is not listed, please contact Sarah Palon,, to see if your state has been applied to and/or approved. You may also check with your state licensing agency to verify your state’s approval. Please note, not all states allow online CE credits at this time. Please check with your state licensing agency to see if it is permissible in your state of licensure.

Chiropractic Online Seminars

Course TitleInstructorCEApproved States & Course Purchase

Courses For CE Credit

Analysis of Lumbar and Pelvic Spine X-RayRick Brescia DC, DPhCS, DGCSS1Register  Class 540807
Chiropractic Principles: 124-127Simon Senzon, MA, DC4Register Class 307569
Chiropractic Principles: 124-127 & 201-208Simon Senzon, MA, DC12Register Class 311635
Chiropractic Principles: 201-208Simon Senzon, MA, DC8Register Class 309691
Chiropractic Principles: 299Simon Senzon, MA, DC1Register Class 344850
Chiropractic Principles: 300-307Simon Senzon, MA, DC8Register Class 444171
Chiropractic Principles: 320Simon Senzon, MA, DC1Register Class 346196
Chiropractic Principles: 324-325Simon Senzon, MA, DC2Register Class 345625
Chiropractic Principles: 424-425Simon Senzon, MA, DC2Register Class 345709

Courses Not For CE Credit

International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) 2017Sherman College0Register Class 38318
On-Site: Corporate Chiropractic Works – Lyceum 2017Don & Lisa Conant, DCs0Register Class 562596
Gonstead for the Non-Gonstead Practitioner – Lyceum 2017Dan Lyons, DC0Register Class 562820
Chiropractic Case Management: A Brief Review – Lyceum 2017Judy Campanale, DC0Register Class 555336
X Ray Positioning Cervical Series Part 1 – Lyceum 2017Pat Kuhta, DC0Register Class 562850
Charting YOUR Best Course for YOUR Best Life – Lyceum 2017Jon Baker, DC0Register Class 556063
Chiropractic, Neurology & The Future – Lyceum 2017Michael Hall, DC0Register Class 562958
Touchpoints: Infant Spinal Analysis – Lyceum 2017Ron Castellucci, DC0Register Class 562967
Recognizing and Reporting Potential Child Abuse – Lyceum 2017Armand Rossi, DC0Register Class 562985
3 Keys to a Successful Practice & Miraculous Patient CareTedd Koren, DC0Register Class 563625
Vertebral Subluxation, Critical Thinking & Evidence Informed PracticeChris Kent, DC0Register Class 563618

For More Information

Dr. Jillian Kersh
Director of Continuing Education
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800-849-8771 x.229

PalonSarah Palon
Continuing Education Online Learning Coordinator
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