Schaub Receives Chiropractic Advocate of the Year Award from Sherman College

Lyceum 2023 Chiropractic Advocate of the Year Tristan Schaub

Awarded to a non-chiropractor who has contributed to the advancement of Sherman College and the chiropractic profession in a significant and noteworthy manner.



Tristan Schaub, also known as Twisty, is an entrepreneurial genius who has launched multiple successful startups, including his latest venture, 

His business sense earned him several acquisitions and transformed him into a coveted asset in the tech and chiropractic industry.

With an inspiring combination of work ethic and good old-fashioned family values, Tristan aims to make people money, save them time, and make their lives easier — an ambitious goal that characterizes his progressive attitude toward life.

2023 has already been an exciting year for Tristan! In addition to his new success in the business world, Tristan has enhanced his personal life by becoming a bonus father to twin boys and will be getting married in October. 

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