Sherman College Recognizes Employee Anniversary Milestones

Every year, Sherman College honors employees who are celebrating work anniversary milestones. The college considers employees to be one of its greatest resources, and is fortunate to have so many committed individuals, many of whom have dedicated significant portions of their careers to Sherman College. Their work not only makes exceptional contributions to the college, but the entire chiropractic profession.

The following employees were recently honored by the college for their many years of service: Drs. Joe Donofrio and Beth Reizer were recognized for their contributions over the past 25 years, Dr. Kevin Power celebrated his twentieth anniversary, and Dr. Karen Canup was honored for her ten years of service.

Debby Grover, along with Drs. Deborah Sanderson, Alan Brewster, and Allie Hamstead were noted for their five years with the college, while Kevin Likes, Kea’jha Sullivan, Rozelle Foster, Abbey Hill, Heather Stamey, Paula Foster, Caroline Nyvall, as well as Drs. Mark Levi, Gwen Gardner, Russell Goff, and Meagin Summerall were all recognized for one year of service.

The college annually recognizes a Staff and Faculty Member of the Year, naming Kevin Likes and Dr. Samantha Attaway for 2022, respectively.