Spizzerinctum = Renewable Energy!


B. J. Palmer was a man of genius. So much so that he was not only responsible for developing and grounding a newly developed healing art founded by his father, D.D. Palmer, against great odds, he was also capable of renewing his own sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Spizzerinctum is the word he used to describe the enthusiasm, love, and excitement he felt for ChiropracTIC work. B.J.’s use of the term “ChiropracTIC” was another way expressed the same.

Spizzerinctum = Renewable Energy!It occurred to me today as I left the IRAPS Conference at Sherman College that Spizzerinctum is a renewable energy! My goodness, it’s like the sun! Spizzerinctum is free…all we need to do is bathe in it like we bathe in the sun on a fine summer day.

OK, how do we bathe in Spizzerinctum? Where is the sun? You find it in the Green Books, you find it in the many volumes B.J. wrote. Full and brimming to the top with Spizzerinctum! B.J. excelled in it! He believed in it like he believed in living!

So, how badly do we want to be energized and alive with purpose? All one needs to do is to want it, and it will become available to you. How simple is that? It abounds everywhere because it is Life itself! It is Universal Intelligence, it is Innate Intelligence, it is the Love of Life with a purpose!

This past weekend I found it at Sherman College of ChiropracTIC’s IRAPS Conference. And, I’m sure others did as well. If you missed it, student or doc, come next year and fill yourself to the brim. Fill yourself and then spread the Spizz around! If you want it, it’s yours for the taking.

The profession needs us right now, you and I. The profession requires the Spizz to survive and excel. Consider doing your part and what that may be. Consider paying a chiro friend a visit. Crack open a Green Book and share a little Spizz.  It helps to share the Spizz. It makes the Chiropractic world turn a little better. Actually, a whole lot better!

Take action; energize and renew your purpose in ChiropracTIC if you don’t do so on a regular basis. Bask in the golden energy of Spizz. It’s free, renewable and the world needs it now like never before.