Considering Starting your Chiropractic Degree? Here’s Why Chiropractic is a Growing Field

Many career experts agree—there has been no better time to start a chiropractic career than now. A combination of factors, including a growing understanding and appreciation of chiropractic’s wide-ranging health benefits and a population seeking natural and preventative solutions, make chiropractic one of the very best career options available today. Chiropractic has grown from its uniquely American roots to become a truly global force, with doctors of chiropractic practicing in more and more countries.

Chiropractic Ranked Profession with Best Job Security

In an article released earlier this year, MarketWatch named chiropractic as the number one profession for job security, with a mere 0.1% unemployment rate—the lowest among all professions reviewed. For the article, 24/7 Wall St. analyzed unemployment rates, estimated employment growth, median wages and more data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) among 564 occupations.

According to the BLS, the projected job growth for chiropractors through 2020 is twice as high as the 14 percent average for all U.S. occupations combined. It isn’t only the growing awareness and flourishing popularity of chiropractic resulting in such numbers. Chiropractors are also actively expanding the field by furthering innovative research, pursuing advanced training and creating specialized practices, by focusing on athletes, children and families, or even animals.

Why Chiropractic is a Growing Field

As the baby boomer generation ages, there is a growing population seeking health care to help them function at their best possible level. At the same time, increased interest in non-invasive approaches is motivating patients to choose alternatives to pharmaceuticals and surgery. Chiropractic care given by graduates of colleges with accredited doctor of chiropractic programs can help restore a patient’s proper nerve flow and ability to self-regulate and heal.

A chiropractic degree opens doors to a world of careers

A chiropractic degree opens doors to a world of careers

As more satisfied patients spread the word about chiropractic’s ability to help improve patients’ lives and health, doctors of chiropractic are finding that demand for their services is steadily rising. A growing body of knowledge available on the internet and other sources regarding the vitalistic approach to attaining and maintaining health and self-healing  is leading to greater recognition and popularity of chiropractic. According to the BLS, larger states and those with the most retirees, such as Florida, California, Illinois and Texas, have the highest employment levels for chiropractors.

Career Opportunities with a Chiropractic Degree

Growing demand for chiropractic means that graduates with a degree from an accredited chiropractic program have more options than ever to pursue their careers. The majority become sole practitioners, generally working in chiropractic offices and clinics. Some may work on wellness teams, at colleges or universities, at fitness facilities or with athletic organizations.

There are also career opportunities for chiropractors at various types of institutions working in education or research. As a result of increased acceptance from the World Health Organization and national health care systems around the world, there are more opportunities than ever for qualified doctors of chiropractic to serve their communities.

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How a Top Chiropractic Education Stands Out

Spine on a book

When it comes to choosing the right chiropractic college, you have many things to consider. You’ll want a college that provides excellent hands-on training and a top classroom education, which will teach you the “how” of chiropractic.

But what about the “why” of the profession?

Chiropractic is, after all, an art, science, AND philosophy – and without a thorough understanding of each, students would graduate with an incomplete picture of the profession.

That’s why a top chiropractic education isn’t just about teaching students the proper adjustments – it goes far beyond that! Here’s a look at what the “why” is, and how the right college can prepare you to be the best chiropractor possible.

Vitalism Provides the “Why” of Chiropractic Education

At Sherman College of Chiropractic, students learn the concept of vitalism – included in the chiropractic philosophy courses of their accredited chiropractic program.

Vitalism is a “vital” part of chiropractic philosophy (pun intended). Why? Because chiropractic approaches health from a holistic perspective, recognizing the innate intelligence that uses the brain and nerve system to control and maintain the body’s health. Unlike the mechanistic perspective, which sees the human body as a combination of different mechanical components and systems, vitalism sees the whole.

Vitalism understands that the human body is always striving for health and organization, and that disruptions to the body’s nervous system – in the form of vertebral subluxations – create a state of dis-ease which can be addressed through specific chiropractic adjustments.

The spine plays a vital role in helping the body maintain optimal health

The spine plays a vital role in helping the body maintain optimal health

In recent years, more and more patients have begun to turn to chiropractic care precisely because it offers a holistic and non-invasive approach. That’s why a keen understanding of vitalism is such an important part of a chiropractic education, as well as each graduate’s chiropractic career!

Above-Down, Inside-Out: An Essential Part of Any Chiropractic Education

ADIO logo for Sherman college

Another key concept that students explore in-depth at Sherman College is the Above-Down, Inside-Out (ADIO) approach to chiropractic. How important is ADIO to chiropractic? Important enough to have inspired the Sherman College logo!

The logo of Sherman College of Chiropractic uses arrows to visualize the Above-Down, Inside-Out (ADIO) approach to health care. Through this philosophy, students learn that true health begins with the body’s control center, i.e. the brain. As chiropractic students know, the brain controls the body’s vital functions and relays information from the top down through the nervous system – otherwise known as above-down, and then from the inside-out.

Understanding how ADIO works can be difficult for new patients unfamiliar to the benefits of chiropractic. Can you imagine trying to explain ADIO without a thorough chiropractic education? It would be impossible!

That’s why chiropractors need a keen sense of how chiropractic promotes health. It’s not just about their own understanding, but also about helping and educating their patients to lead healthier

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