One of those Cartoons

Ahhh, something we can all relate
to…stress….  I like this little guy cause
he captures one of “those moments” when it’s all too much. 


Today I took a few hours off and picked
up my daughter from school early (early for me- not her) and we went off to get
a fruit smoothie at…hmmm that place on the other side of town that you really
have to want to go to cause it’s on the other side of town.  Oh ya, “Bella Latte’”.  I love having a pocket full of ideas to turn
to  when some “Ahhhhh…” time is needed
and that is one of them.

So, we went and got our three berry fruit
smoothies (ahhhhh…) and headed home to gear up for a bike/walk with the dogs.  The dogs suffer as well when I’m overly
busy.  And as usual they were loyally
awaiting our return.  We packed up bike
and dogs and off we went to the walking/biking trail in Spartanburg that was
created from an old train track.  Forgive
me but I forget the name of that too.

Temporary memory loss (brain farts is
what I call them) is what happens when you’ve memorized more than what’s good
for you and your brain decides to, uhm, take a break.  We learned about it in Neuro.  It has a name too.  🙂  I’m over simplifying but…. that’s because my
brain is on temporary rest.   

It’s rather humorous that I’m actually
accepting it.  There was a time it
freaked me out!   :-)    But, live, learn and detach!  Detachment is key here because I am getting
perfectly fine grades, am learning much, functioning well and I know my
memorizing skills and recall will return when I need them – like tomorrow or
sooner if I choose it  :-)  .  

The point here is that I chose not
 to become that little guy in the cartoon.  I chose to take a break.  And this turned out to be quite a glorious
afternoon to take that break and play!