WCCS Roast featuring Bill Decken

Dr. Bill Decken

The Sherman chapter of World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) hosted its first Annual Roast featuring Bill Decken, the “Nerve Supply Guy.” The club did this event in the hopes to raise money to attend the WCCS being held in South Africa this year.

The local chapter also has hopes to send students to WCCS meeting in Barcelona, Spain the next year. Club President Morgan Iloncaie is currently drafting a proposal to have philosophy be a required part of the curriculum at each chiropractic college. If this were passed by the WCCS, it would go a long way in shifting the chiropractic profession towards a more principled approach. I believe this would improve the profession, but more importantly for now, what happened at the roast?

858The Team – Dr. Ron Castellucci, Dr. Bill Fehl, Dr. Joe Donofrio (left to right)

Dr. Robert Irwin moderated the event as Dr. Bill Fehl, Dr. Joe Donofrio, and Dr. Ron Castellucci took turns honoring Dr. Bill Decken through jesting. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 866Dr. Fehl was up first. He was wearing a NY hat along with a Hawaiian shirt in honor of Dr. Decken’s normal attire
  • Dr. Fehl reminded everyone about the “strong New York” accent of Dr. Decken. (being from the North, I thought this was a stretch, but it was funny in context).

Dr. Fehl also gave some examples of outrageous test questions, to which the correct answer is always innate intelligence.

For example:

  • Why does my NFL player start to sing the national anthem after an adjustment? — innate intelligence
  • Why does my patent feel the need to dance after an adjustment? — innate intelligence

Writing these statements down now don’t seem as funny as when they were said at the roast. However, if you had Dr. Decken for a class, you understand that innate is always the right answer, so it was funny at the time.

Next, Dr. Joe Donofrio got the crowd laughing with some “you’re so ugly” and “you’re so dumb jokes.” Some of the best examples:

  • 884“He is so ugly, he can correct a subluxation by looking at it.”
  • “He is so ugly, he can only be adjusted in the prone position.”
  • “Dr. Decken is so dumb, he asked me to help him put his M&Ms in alphabetical order”
  • “He is so dumb, even Dr. Castellucci failed him.”
  • Dr. Joe also stated that for someone who doesn’t believe in medicine, his voice is like a sleeping pill.

Dr. Joe also prepared a JibJab video showing a comical dive of a man in red speedo and Gangnam style dance video with Dr. Decken’s head in the video. It was in good taste.

Finally, Dr. Ron poked fun at Dr. Decken’s favorite brands and franchises such as his love for Coke and M&M produces as well as his love for the Mets rather than the Yankees. These pranks involved several head cutouts with M&M bodies.

For example, Dr. Ron put up a picture like this and would comment “Dr. Decken taking it easy.”


Overall, the night had many funny moments and the doctors were very generous to Dr. Decken. In his rebuttal, Dr. Decken had a few good jabs. His funniest jokes were directed at Dr. Ron for being a Logan College graduate. They were mostly directed at his experience with Logan Basic Technique which involves touching the sacrotuberous ligament aka the buttock. It was a strong finish to a great night.