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Neuroanatomy is Fun!

Anyone looking for a good time Monday through Thursday from noon to two, come join us everyday for neuroanatomy II with Dr. Duke. I've been told that biochemistry II is the most challenging class we take here at Sherman College, and I really hope that is true. I found the material in biochemistry II to be challenging, but as long as I applied myself, had no real trouble understanding and came out of the class very well in the end. However this quarter with neuroanatomy II, the material is not difficult to follow, but the amount of material is truly intimidating. The class is designed to give us a better understanding of the human brain, and I have found this to be true, because now I have a very real appreciation for the millions of neurons and synapses that are cooking each day as I try to store two more hours of lecture each day into the already highly packed spaces in my head. Each of us in the class are grateful for our Mondays for one reason. That is the day that Dr. Duke does not lecture, but instead we have lab time to study models. It gives us a short break to prepare ourselves for the mountain of information we will recieve for the rest of the week. A quick tip for future neuro students: Dr. Duke has a good sense of humor and likes to tell stories, so prepare before class with a good joke or a question that can get him into one of his many stories, because if you can get him off subject for ten minutes, it might give you just enough time to come up for air before drowning under a new flood of information. But most of all, enjoy it, and remember that we are doing this to go into the greatest proffession in the world.

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My Newly Found Obsession

Let me start off by saying that I would never just pick up a book and start reading it for fun. The only time I would ever read would be in school when I was assigned to read. Therefore, when my classmate told me that I had to read this one book I was very hesitant. Finally, I decided it is time to turn a new leaf and try something new. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. She told me that she had not only the first book but the whole series to the Hunger Games. When I asked what it was about, I had no idea that I was going to get the response I did. She explained that it was about these tributes that had to go in front of the capitol and fight till the death, being there could only be one winner. After hearing this, I was honestly scared and rethinking my decision to take time out and read this. But I decided why not being there were now a couple students and even teachers who had read this and where raving about how good it was. Let me tell you, the book was phenomenal. I could not put it down, and again I am not one to read. If I can say the least, I had to start the second and third book immediately and had the same problem, I could not put them down. It felt like I started reading it and I needed to get further in the story to see what is going to happen. If I can suggest anything to you, it would be to read this book. Well, my classmate was able to get four other people hooked on reading these books. So after reading the first book, five of my classmates and I went to see the movie. I thought the book was great, well the movie was even better. It was over two hours long and it felt as if you were there for a half an hour. For someone who does not like to read, I am officially hooked on reading and the Hunger Games is what started this new obsession. So, if you decide to take the plunge and read these books, “May the odds be ever so in your favor!”


The Quarter is Under Way

Well, another new quarter is now well under way. With bagelfest for the quarter over, all of the new quarter festivities are done and it is time to settle into the rythm of classes. The nice thing is that with the quarter system each class goes by quickly and it seems that as soon as we feel like the quarter has really started, it is midterm time, and before we know it, finals are here. To someone who hasn't experienced it, the idea of as many as sixteen midterms and finals in eight differend classes all coming at you within a little more than four weeks can certainly seem intimidating, and well, being that this is the first time I've ever really thought about it in those terms, it is intimidating, but somehow we all seem to get through it ok anyway. I would certainly rather do it this way and feel like the time is flying by, rather than a semester or trimester system where things seem to drag on forever. There is just as much pressure on the teachers to keep classes concise and to the point, to teach us the things we need to know for boards without a lot of additional information that we don't really need. I feel like I've just gotten started, but then I look back at what I've done, and I've now been here almost a year and I am amazed at the amount of material that I have learned, and at how much is still to come, but I think it is something to look forward to rather than worry about. This is the reason why my patients will be willing to put their health in my hands, because I will have put in the time to be able to know how to best help them with their lives.


Campus Fun: CCC Cookout


DSCN0031[1]As the beginning of a new quarter starts the thought of the CCC Cookout is on everyone’s mind. The second Wednesday of every quarter the CCC club holds a cookout for all students, but mainly for the new students coming in. The CCC provides the food for everyone and makes sure they have something for everyone. The CCC takes this time to get to know the new students and introduce them to the CCC club. Being the Spring semester is only for transfer students there was not a huge incoming class but yet there was still plenty of people taking the opportunity to eat a good meal and get to engage in conservations with their fellow school mates.


DSCN0029[1]As usual the cookout started at 5:30 and by 5 o’clock the grills were up and running and the smell of food filled the entire building. I was in my last class of the day (Microbiology II) and half of the classes stomachs were rumbling from the smell of the food. After that aroma filled the classroom, at least half of the class went down to get some food. Everyone seemed to enjoy good laughs, great company, and even better food! Thanks goes out to the CCC club for letting this event happen.



Blood Drive April 30 at the Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center

  • What:  Blood Connection at the Sherman College Health Center
  • Who:  Future and current Health Center patients will receive a free visit (x-rays not included). All donors will receive a free t-shirt from The Blood Connection
  • When:  Monday, April 30, from 1-5 p.m.
  • Why:  Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. You can help Sherman and The Blood Connection support the needs of our community.
  • Where:  Sherman College of Chiropractic Health Center, 2020 Springfield Road in Spartanburg
  • To Do:  Participants, please drink plenty of water and eat before donating!
  • Contact:   Dr. Rochelle Delain, 864-578-8770, ext. 230, rdelain@sherman.edu
  • Online:  Go to www.sherman.edu/hc  or  www.thebloodconnection.org

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For more information, please contact:
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Fun in the “BURG”

There are so many wonderful things to do in Spartanburg, you just have to look and see what appeals to you most. I think that involving other things into your life besides school work is extremely important for the simple fact you need to have a life outside of school or you will go crazy. Yes, I know that we are all on some sort of budget and do not have a ton of money to go spending on a night out. But this is the best part. You can do so many different things and pay little to no money.

Therefore, after all the homework, rewriting of notes, reading, and studying that goes on here at Sherman, if you are looking for something fun and cheap to do here in Spartanburg you may want to continue reading.  At Paradise lanes in Spartanburg (469 E. Black Stock Road) on Monday (12pm-11pm) and Wednesday (9am-11pm) they have $1 games and $1 shoe rental. Also, on Wednesday they have $1 Popcorn, $1 small soda, $1 Plain hotdog, and $1 12oz draft beer.  Therefore, why not take a break and get out of the house and go do something fun that is not going to break the bank!  


Just Thinking This Morning…

A small thought came into my mind this morning. I was watching one of those videos that was passed to me on Facebook. It was about a mom dog acting very quickly to save her pup from drowning in a swimming pool. It is amazing how the instinct to act to save a life is/was so strong in a mother dog. Perhaps, this instinct to save life exists throughout the animal world. It’s just my train of thought at the moment.

I went on to wonder; if one is aware of the power of chiropractic, the power of innate intelligence to heal the body, would one go on to tell the world about it? Would a person with such knowledge shout it out from the roof tops? Yes, yes, I do believe so!

This is what B.J. Palmer did. He not only shouted it out in every way he could, he also devoted his life to developing and refining the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic.

And, this is what we are learning all about at Sherman College of Chiropractic. It is my small thought on a cool Friday morning in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


What a Way to Start the New Quarter!

DSCN0025[1]The spring quarter came with a big bang here at Sherman.  Everyone has a new schedule with new classes and almost a week worth done. Therefore, on your first week of class to get out of class early is a big deal, besides when the reason is because of a hailstorm and tornado. Some brave souls decided to challenge Mother Nature and make a run for their car in golf size hail, while the others stood and watched. Before anyone else could try it, there was an announcement that we had to make our way to the tornado shelter. Everyone did as they were told, and we all stood around (some decided they were going to sit being they did not know how long we were going to be here–and why not be comfortable!). DSCN0021[1]Here at Sherman, our President does not exclude himself from the others, instead he stands with the students and listens to the weather report via a cell phone. That right there says a lot about President Schwartzbauer and shows how close knit Sherman College is. Well, after thirty minutes we were all given the choice to leave or stay depending on our own decision (most everyone realized this was going to possibly be the only opportunity so they took it).  All I know is what a way to start 4th quarter with a bang!



Sherman’s Niche

As a workstudy student in the admissions office I have the opportunity to make phone calls to prospective students to help them answer questions about the school from a student's perspective. This unique opportunity allows me the chance to also see the perspective that potential students have of Sherman, and what they are hearing about the school before attending. I am happy to report that most of what I hear is positive, and many DCs are recommending Sherman to potential students even if they are not Sherman grads themselves. Through my discussions it has become clear that what really sets Sherman apart from the other schools that are out there is a stronger focus on straight chiropractic and the philosophy that drives it. Those that I talk to often find a connection with Sherman when we talk about the body's innate ability and design to heal itself, rather than the doctor being the healer. Indeed, this is the principle that brought me to chiropractic and ultimately to Sherman myself, but it is sad to see that most other schools are far from that basic principle and moving farther from it. Even here there is some push to move more into the medical model and away from the traditional straight chiropractic model. Not only would that be disappointing for me, but if Sherman loses that focus, I'm afraid it will lose it's niche in the market of chiropractic schools, and with its size, might find it difficult to compete with larger schools that offer a very similar curriculum.



The first week of fourth quarter is in the books. Playtime is over. Other quarters haven't been easy, but this one looks like it's going to take a little more focus and extra time compared to previous quarters, but the good news is we now get to start into some really interesting classes that have a lot more to do with chiropractic, and not so many of the general sciences. The first week was finished off with a bang on Thursday afternoon with an impressive hailstorm with hail the size of golf balls. The hail came down for a solid 20 minutes before we were asked to move to the tornado shelter because of a tornado warning in the area. We had to wait around for 30 minutes after class was over, but it was a fairly exciting end to a long week.

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