Sherman College of Chiropractic

Student Ambassador Program

Our Mission

The Student Ambassadors are a select group of students committed to representing the vision and mission of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Student Ambassadors serve as an extension of the Executive Office as a concierge to the guests of Sherman College, prospective students, alumni, and the Upstate community.

Ambassadors embody the core values of Sherman College and founding principles of the chiropractic profession with the utmost professionalism. Ambassadors are the role models of Sherman College in bringing chiropractic to the world.

Student Ambassador Program Application

The Ambassador program is a rewarding program that involves commitment above and beyond that of the normal student at Sherman College. If you would like to be considered for the upcoming quarter, fill out an application. Completed forms can be emailed to


Leadership Activities

SAs are taught professionalism, exemplary communication skills, and leadership through participating in activities.

Leadership Activities

Quarterly Dinners

Each quarter, a dinner is held to show appreciation to all who spend so much time promoting Sherman College and chiropractic.

Quarterly Dinners

Community Involvement

SAs team up with campus clubs and local and national organizations to assist the community in as many ways as possible.

Community Involvement

Campus Visit Tours

One of the responsibilities of an SA is to give tours to visitors during campus visits, Showcase Sherman Weekends, and Lyceum.

Campus Visit Tours

Meet the Officers

Photo of Aixa Santos Rivera
Aixa Santos Rivera
ajsantos@sherman.eduVega Baja, PR

Activities/Hobbies: I like to be active (gym, hike, try a new sport) also I like to watch movies and read some books in my free time

Why Chiropractic: Because I want to have the opportunity to help others just using my two hands

Favorite thing about Sherman: Sherman is awesome! I love the family environment



Photo of Chris Marrone
Chris Marrone
camarrone@sherman.eduSouth Plainfield, NJ

Activities/Hobbies:  Triathlon, Movies, Anything outdoors

Why Chiropractic: Chiropractic is an absolutely amazing profession built around working with the bodies inborn potential to heal itself. In no other profession do you get to work as closely with this innate potential as we do. I want to share the chiropractic message all over the world and work to make sure that every man, woman, and child is under the care of a principled chiropractor. Without interference to the nervous system, the human body is capable of amazing things and I want to dedicate my life to making sure that I can remove that inference from as many people as humanly possible.

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing about Sherman is the philosophy. I love how dedicated the professors are to making sure that we are learning and understanding the philosophy of chiropractic amidst all the required more medical based classes.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: My favorite part of the upstate region is how cheap movies are. I am from New Jersey so I am used to paying 11-12 dollars for a movie. Movies here are 6 dollars and you get an awesome reclining chair. WIN!



Photo of Andretti Montalvo
Andretti Montalvo
amontalvo@sherman.eduJayuya, PR

Activities/Hobbies: Volleyball Player, President of Microbiology Student Association in Ponce Puerto Rico.

Why Chiropractic:   Chiropractic is the profession that really shows us how to care about ourselves. Taking care about of spine and correct the subluxations that are interfering in many ways to the normal functions of the body.  I decided to be a chiropractor because I always believe that beyond the educated mind, exists something that really works inside us, and that’s called innate.

Favorite thing about Sherman: The feeling of being part of a Family.




Meet the Ambassadors

Photo of Jimmy Craft
Jimmy Craft
jecraft@sherman.eduWhitesburg, KY

Activities/Hobbies: Student Leader at Hope Church SC. Love to travel and experience different cultures and relate to people from different backgrounds.

Why Chiropractic: I chose chiropractic because it allows me to keep my personal belief of self-healing and that the body has the given intelligence to heal itself when needed. I have always been interested in the health care field and this profession matches or relates the best to my personal beliefs on health.

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing a bout Sherman is the close-knit family atmosphere. I come from a small undergraduate school and there are about the same amount of students at Sherman. From day one the doctors, students, and staff go out of their way to help in every aspect of your life.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: The Upstate Region has become my new home so to speak! I love what it has to offer. They literally have everything you would need in a short distance. The mountains, hills, beaches, coasts, big city life and everything in between are all 3 hours or less from here and that was one thing that brought me here!

Photo of Jeanmadi Del Rosario
Jeanmadi Del Rosario
jdelrosario@sherman.eduAguadilla, PR

Education: University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

Activities/Hobbies: Eat, yoga, sew, road trips and go to the beach

Why Chiropractic: Chiropractic is the reason for why I am a healthy person today, so my purpose in life is that people express the best of them just using my hands.

Favorite thing about Sherman: The family atmosphere, you know everybody and everybody wants to help you.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: All the parks, outdoor activities and the wonderful weather

Photo of Katie Gentile
Katie Gentile
klgentile@sherman.eduCave Creek, AZ

Education: BS International Business, Concentration in Financial Management, Arizona State University

Activities/Hobbies: Mountain biking, free diving, fishing, yoga, gardening, traveling – really anything outdoors!

Why Chiropractic: Chiropractic has changed my life, it’s afforded me a philosophy to live by that is in line with nature and the way I believe we were meant to live. The understanding that healing comes from within and through Chiropractic we can unleash full human potential to heal and thrive has brought so much light into my life. It’s my mission to share the principled chiropractic message with as many people as possible, in hopes that their life too will be changed.

Favorite thing about Sherman:  You are not just a number at this school; the faculty takes a genuine interest in your success at Sherman and beyond.

Favorite thing about the upstate region: Its central location; in 1 hour you can be in the mountains and in 3 hours the beach.

Photo of Robyn Kirby
Robyn Kirby
rvkirby@sherman.eduPulaski, VA

Education: B.S., Anthropological Sciences, Radford University

Activities/Hobbies: Spelunking, Acro Yoga, Wine tasting/making, being with my dog!

Why Chiropractic: I did not choose chiropractic – chiropractic chose me! I know from both a personal and educational position that the power that made the body, can heal the body. When the body is healing better, a person is feeling better. When someone feels better, they can live happier, and when someone is happier, they radiate their happiness, making for a healthier and happier world. I want to dedicate my life to removing the interferences in people’s nervous system so they can be their absolute best!

Favorite thing about Sherman: The deeply rooted chiropractic philosophy and the family atmosphere

Favorite thing about Upstate: This area offers a plethora of both outdoor & indoor activities so I never get bored

Photo of Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez
anlopez@sherman.eduCaguas, PR

Activities/Hobbies: Read and spend time with my family and especially with my dog.

Why Chiropractic: I realized that my only purpose is to serve and connect with people. I am hundred percent sure that Chiropractic chose me to spread the word of our philosophy to the world. Helping people to heal from inside out, above down without any invasive procedure is my dream come true. I always thought that the same way we got sick is the same way we are going to heal, and I found that Chiropractors are here to help the body function in its 100% by removing the interference throughout your spine.

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing about Sherman is the fact that they care about our success being consistent with us until we achieve our goals.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: I really like that this is a peaceful and quiet city. At the same time we have different places to have fun, and to eat well.

Photo of Nicole K Mercado Zapata
Nicole K Mercado Zapata
nkmercado@sherman.eduArecibo, Puerto Rico

Education:  BS Concentration on Biology at Pontifical University Catholic of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Campus. Pharmacy Technician at Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo Campus

Activities/Hobbies: Make Friends, Dance, Zumba, Swim

Why Chiropractic: Helping others is one of my greatest satisfaction. I truly know that Chiropractic will make a difference in people’s life. Chiropractic is not about feeling better, it’s about healing better.

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing about Sherman is the family atmosphere.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: My favorite thing about the Upstate region is that you are not far away from anything. There are family fun activities close by, like visiting the zoo and aquarium.

Photo of Letitia Smith
Letitia Smith
lcclay@sherman.eduNewport News, VA

Activities/Hobbies: Gym/ Running, Tap Dancing, Theater Arts, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Why Chiropractic: I choose chiropractic because I believe chiropractic is what our society needs. When it comes to healthcare, people are ignorant to the fact that our bodies were created to heal. Too many individuals are dependent upon medications and vaccines to do the job that our bodies were designed to do. Through chiropractic, I am able to communicate a message of hope to people and help them to live life at their best. Once I learned what chiropractic really is, it just made sense and lined up with the kind of doctor I want to be.

Favorite thing about Sherman: Sherman is one of the few schools that remains true to the philosophy of chiropractic. The philosophy based curriculum is one of the qualities of Sherman I appreciate the most because I believe it is the foundation that sets students a part in the world to be the best chiropractors in the field. Chiropractic is a full package of science, art, and philosophy, and every part must be utilized. I know that once I graduate I will have the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge in order to make a difference in the realm of chiropractic care. Also, Sherman has some of the most genuine and supportive faculty I could ever ask for in a college.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: The Upstate Region has basically everything you need to survive. Everything is within a few minutes drive and that makes it very convenient for students.  

Photo of Christian I Ortiz Torres
Christian I Ortiz Torres
ciortiztorres@sherman.eduTrujillo Alto, PR

Education: General Sciences with minor concentration in Biology 

Activities/Hobbies: Delta Sigma Chi Chiropractic Fraternity Member, Play Basketball, Listening to good music and Watching Movies

 Why Chiropractic: After 21 years of being an Asthmatic patient, chiropractic arrived in my life and CHANGED it completely. I want to give people the opportunity to have their lives changed forever like Chiropractic did for me.

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing about Sherman is the awesome family and friendly environment, everyone knows each other! The desire of the entire faculty to help you achieve your success, and the desire of making you the best Chiropractor you can be, is amazing.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: My favorite thing about the Upstate is how everything is the cost of living compared to everywhere else which is great for us being students. Everything is close and the weather is nice.

Photo of Zach Shaw
Zach Shaw
zmshaw@sherman.eduDayton, OH

Education: BS in Food and Nutrition; Minor in Business Admin. 

Activities/Hobbies: Spending time with my fiancé and friends, disc golfing, traveling, and being outdoors. 

Why Chiropractic: Chiropractic changed my life not only physically, but mentally as well. My outlook on health and life, in general, has become more optimistic and full of positivity.  My experience, along with my observation of others’ experiences with chiropractic, has driven me to give exactly what I have received: a nervous system clear of interference. Chiropractic allows for coordinated, true health, and I feel it is my mission to inform others of this wonderful science, art, and philosophy. 

Favorite thing about Sherman: My favorite thing about Sherman is that it teaches actual chiropractic philosophy. Other chiropractic schools do not get the fundamental philosophy that is the foundation of chiropractic, which makes Sherman so unique and prestigious. I also love the fact that almost every professor at Sherman has run or currently runs their own chiropractic practice. This provides students with critical knowledge of field practice, how to run a business and many other things. 

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: numerous places to hike and sight-see, great food and brew, great weather, only a couple hours from the beach, and it’s close to Charlotte, Asheville, and Greenville. 

Photo of Molly Spohn
Molly Spohn
mdspohn@sherman.eduLiberty, IN

Education: Exercise Science/ Pre-Med from Indiana University

Activities/Hobbies: Yoga, playing with my sweet dog and two kitties

Why Chiropractic: I grew up in a medical model and had been accepted into a physician assistant program after graduation. I randomly met a Sherman Student at a pool one day who told me the wonderful philosophy and science behind chiropractic. Having worked as a CNA I knew the medical model was flawed and I was thrilled to hear an outlet to help people that actually helped them and did not simply cover up symptoms. I knew this was my calling and I could not be more excited to be a part of such a wholesome, positive profession. 

Favorite thing about Sherman: After being called to chiropractic, I began touring schools to see my options. Other schools may have had better facilities or a bigger campus but something about Sherman just felt right. Every interaction I had made me feel like I was at home.

Photo of Jennifer Sotomayor Pabón
Jennifer Sotomayor Pabón
jsotomayorpabon@sherman.eduJuana Díaz, Puerto Rico

Education: B.S in general sciences with minor concentrations in Biology and Chemistry

Activities/Hobbies: Read, Exercises and spend time with my family

Why Chiropractic: I decided to become a Chiropractor because through my studies in college I noticed that by the years the people were getting sicker without explanation. I was looking for an answer to those peoples and bring hope back to their lives. That’s when I found the Chiropractic profession. Chiropractic is AMAZING, understand that our body has their own ability to heal is the key to being healthier. I chose Chiropractic because I want to bring hope back to the hopeless by educating the world on how amazing our body is and the importance of being subluxation free. CHIROPRACTIC IS LIFE.

Favorite thing about Sherman: I love Sherman College of Chiropractic besides being the most complete Chiropractic school having a solid base in Philosophy, Science, and Art; is the perfect place to feel like you are at home. Here at Sherman College, you can feel the love and passion of every single person in the school and for me that is AMAZING.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: Upstate Region has beautiful weather and it is close to the mountains and to the beach, it’s a perfect place to live.

Photo of Charles Tucker
Charles Tucker
cttucker@sherman.eduRock Hill, S.C.

Hometown: Rock Hill, S.C. 

Reside Prior to Sherman: Columbia, S.C. 

College: University of South Carolina 

How Did I Get Here: Being from South Carolina, and knowing an awesome doctor, who is an Alumnus, and attending Sherman Showcase in 2016, I knew that Sherman’s was the right choice for me. From the warm feeling I received from Ambassadors and the family feel from staff and administration, I knew I had to come to Sherman. 

Why Chiropractic?: For me, Chiropractic is more than just correcting subluxations. It’s about giving someone a better option in life by increasing their quality of life and allowing them to do what matters most to them.  Chiropractic is Life! 

Photo of Mike Williams
Mike Williams
jmwilliams@sherman.eduAbingdon, VA

Activities/Hobbies: Football coach, Track coach, Outdoor activities

Why Chiropractic: I wanted to be a chiropractor for many years but decided to wait until my kids were out of high school.

Favorite thing about Sherman: The family atmosphere.

Favorite thing about the Upstate Region: Location. Close to both the beach and the mountains.