Chiropractic Careers: Education

Chiropractic Career Education

Preparing the Next Generation

While doctors of chiropractic have the potential to affect thousands of lives through their practices and patient care, those who go on to become educators amplify that potential impact even further by training the next generation of doctors. Many who complete their chiropractic education see this potential and find themselves inspired to teach.


Multiplying the Impact of Chiropractic

For chiropractic to continue its growth as a profession, we need professional educators who are passionate about the future of the field. Our faculty members have years of expertise to offer students, and they thrive on the satisfaction of perpetuating the profession that has given them such a rewarding livelihood.


Finding and Developing Areas of Expertise

Dedicated chiropractic educators, like those at Sherman College, love the academic environment and the benefits it offers. Most will take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them for research, speaking engagements and additional training in specialty areas.


The academic setting provides greater access to resources for scholarly work and research. Many of our educators hold post-graduate certifications in special areas of study (like pediatrics) and diplomates in specialty areas like neurology, philosophy or sports.


Making a Global Impact

Sherman faculty members participate in the latest research initiatives, both on campus and with colleagues in the field and around the globe. College faculty and administrators often travel worldwide, speaking at professional continuing education conferences, teaching seminars to field doctors, and leading service/mission trips to care for those in need.


Balancing Teaching and Practice

Educators who are passionate about patient care often don’t want to leave that aspect of chiropractic behind to focus solely on education and may choose to continue running a part-time private practice in addition to their teaching duties.


Many Sherman College faculty members split their time between their chiropractic businesses and their classrooms, and often faculty will invite students to observe and visit their offices. In addition, faculty members in our on-campus Chiropractic Health Center are actively involved in patient care, mentoring interns and helping them navigate complicated cases.

“Education is a profession that allows you to leave a global legacy by impacting generations of people, all over the world.”

Dr. Princess Porter-Fowler, Class of 2001

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences at Sherman College