Meet Monica!

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Meet Monica!

Hi! My name is Monica Friske. I am a second-quarter student at Sherman College of Chiropractic. I love being at Sherman thus far. There are several reasons for this because of what the college stands for in the world of healthcare and the profession of chiropractic. The staff is more like family here which makes you accountable, comfortable and supported.

I am an equestrian; so, the location of the college makes my life much more enjoyable and efficient. My horse and horse life is not far away so I don’t have to “take a break” from my passion outside of chiropractic while I am in the whirlwind of grad school. I have a ‘‘dog’hter (thanks Liz for the new word) who I call Dingding. She takes up my attention when I am home and does not let me forget who is the princess in the house. My longtime boyfriend has a business of his own back home so I visit him whenever I can get away. Oh, did I mention I also have a mini garden in my backyard? I love fresh fruit and vegetables.

Well, let’s get back to school. What brought me here? Why here? To answer these questions I need to tell you a little more about me and how I grew up. Growing up near Cincinnati I was always a little different. I drove a big truck (I’m a short girl), listened to country music, rode horses, and went to a chiropractor.

I understood what my chiropractor said to me while I was at his office. But, I thought I was supposed to be a vet. Then I saw a horse get adjusted. My life changed that day. I no longer was going to be a vet – I was going to be a chiropractor. My oldest brother was contemplating going into the profession of chiropractic.

So, my wonderful parents took us all on a road trip to visit some of the colleges our chiropractor suggested. Sherman, Palmer (Davenport) and Logan were the colleges we decided were the best to visit. At the age of 14, I decided that if I made it to grad school (I hoped my parents would ship me off to Europe to become a professional dressage rider) Sherman would be my school.

While in my undergraduate studies, people tried to convince me to become a physical therapist (chiropractic was a “dying profession”). I bought into what they were saying until my last semester. It hit me like a brick wall that I needed to follow my heart. I immediately started to become excited. But it had been a long time since I looked at the schools.

I asked the chiropractors I knew which college was the best one. About ten different doctors all had one college in common: Sherman College of Chiropractic. Wait! That was the same college I fell in love with at 14! Yes, I was in luck. After attending Lyceum that spring, it was a done deal. I didn’t even apply to any other schools. Sherman became my home.

I can honestly say I have never felt happy and more fulfilled not only with my choice of Sherman College but most importantly my choice as chiropractic as a career (and I have only just begun)!