Technology and Patient Care

Advanced Technology for the Best Patient Care

Sherman College is committed to bringing the newest technology to its on-campus Chiropractic Health Center. This helps us provide the best patient care possible and prepares our future doctors of chiropractic to utilize the most advanced equipment in patient care. We are here to serve YOU.

The internal structure of the human body, in a large part determines how it functions. The chiropractor’s primary concern is with the healthy and proper functioning of the human body. Getting a detailed, high-tech look through x-rays and imaging can tell us a lot about the well being of the associated nerves and how misaligned bones may interfere with a patient’s nerve function.

CBCT used by Health Center Staff and Intern

About Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Sherman College is proud to be the first to pioneer cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in its Health Center. CBCT is a radiographic imaging method that allows accurate, three-dimensional imaging of hard tissue structures to help us get an extremely thorough view and understanding of the upper cervical region (the bones at the top of your spine). Local doctors can refer patients to the Health Center for CBCT imaging.

About Digital Radiography

Sherman College has long been known for embracing emerging technology in patient care and chiropractic education. In 2007, it became the first chiropractic college on the East Coast to incorporate digital x-ray into its curriculum and Health Center services.

Digital x-ray has proven to be a great advance in both the information and convenience it provides. The use of digital radiography has many advantages that are all but impossible with traditional film and view boxes.