How Doctors of Chiropractic Can Add a Little Holiday Cheer to Their Practices

Students get hands-on practice in the classroom and the clinic at Sherman College of Chiropractic

Students get hands-on practice in the classroom and the clinic at Sherman College of Chiropractic

Once you graduate from chiropractic college, you might decide to join an existing clinic or start your own practice. Having your own practice gives you the chance to be your own boss, set your own hours, and run your business the way you think is best.

You’ll get to decide on details like how to decorate your lobby, how many staff you want to hire, and – when the season approaches – how you would like to celebrate the holidays at your chiropractic practice.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you might add a dash of cheer to your practice.

Decorate Your Chiropractic Practice for the Holidays

Your waiting area says more about your practice that you might believe – messy tables and unpleasant lighting could risk losing your patients’ confidence in you. Lobby areas should be clean, comfortable and child-friendly. You might choose to add informative posters about the science of vertebral subluxation or paint the walls of your practice soothing colors to help patients relax. The choice will be all yours!

Some chiropractic practices decorate their waiting areas for the holidays

Some chiropractic practices decorate their waiting areas for the holidays

During the holiday season, you can also decide whether you want to add a few fun decorations to your practice. You might decide to add a Christmas tree to your waiting room, or simply use lights or garlands to decorate your reception desk.

Add a Bit of Festive Cheer with Music and Movies

If you choose to include a TV monitor in your waiting area, then you might like to play a few classic movies during the holiday season. Family friendly Christmas movies like Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, or The Santa Clause can be a fun way for patients to pass the time while they wait for their appointments.

And, if you decide against a TV in your waiting room, simply playing festive music can add a dash of holiday cheer to your practice.

Give Back to Your Community Once You Become a Doctor of Chiropractic

As a doctor of chiropractic, you’ll be a respected member of your community. Many chiropractors feeling gratitude for their successful careers give back to their communities throughout the year but are extra generous around the holiday season, which often inspires others to do the same.

Use the holiday season to help families in need once you become a doctor of chiropractic

Use the holiday season to help families in need once you become a doctor of chiropractic

You could choose to offer free or discounted services to members of the community. Or you could encourage your staff and patients to donate food to a local food drive, or sponsor a family in need.

Take a Fun Staff Photo at Your Chiropractic Practice

As you grow your chiropractic practice over the years, you might want to take a fun staff picture when the holidays approach. Staff photos help promote holiday cheer, and can be a fun and heartwarming addition to your practice website or newsletter.

Ask your employees to bring Santa hats, holiday sweaters or other festive garments to wear for a funny and memorable moment.

Throw a Party During the Holiday Season

To celebrate the holiday season, you might want to host a fun party at your future practice. You could offer refreshments, prizes, and snacks for guests, and maybe even have Santa visit (sure to be a hit with kids and young patients)!

Once you set up your practice, you can decide exactly how you’d like to celebrate the holidays.

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Science of Vertebral Subluxation

Science of Vertebral Subluxation

The Science of Vertebral Subluxation: 3 Things Chiropractic Students Should Know

Science of Vertebral Subluxation

Chiropractic care is about much more than symptom relief. Chiropractors provide their patients with vital, preventative, and non-invasive health care through regular checks and adjustments. At the center of that specialized and trained care is an expert understanding of the science of vertebral subluxation.
A vertebral subluxation occurs when one or more vertebrae in the spine become misaligned, compressing spinal nerves and disturbing optimal nerve function. Chiropractic’s primary focus involves locating, analyzing and correcting these misalignments.
Understanding vertebral subluxation is essential to becoming an effective chiropractor. Read on to find out more!

Vertebral Subluxation in the History of Chiropractic

The term “subluxation” has a long history in the healing practices, dating back to the time of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician regarded as the “Father of Medicine.” The word refers to a dislocation or displacement and has been integral to chiropractic education since the very beginning. Chiropractic’s founder, D.D. Palmer, reasoned that even a slight misaligned vertebra could cause pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.
“Chiropractors have found in every disease that is supposed to be contagious, a cause in the spine,” wrote B.J. Palmer, the famous developer of chiropractic, in 1909. “In the spinal column, we will find a subluxation that corresponds to every type of disease.”
As chiropractic science is concerned with preserving and restoring health, it focuses particular attention on subluxations of the tiny bones of the spine. A vertebral subluxation happens when one or more of bones of the spine are out of position and compress spinal nerves. These nerves are the primary communication link between the body to the brain. Pressure on these nerves interferes with the communication between the body and the brain, which may cause organs, tissues, and cells not to function properly. Chiropractic identifies, analyzes and helps correct these disturbances to restore the body’s natural balance and the potential for self-healing.

How a Subluxation Interferes with Optimal Health

A subluxation interrupts the proper operation of the body’s nerve system, compromising the maintenance of optimal health. The human body consists of several interrelated systems, functioning with an innate intelligence to adapt to changes in our internal environment and the world around us. Every moment, impulses are delivered between the brain and the body’s 100 trillion cells to coordinate every movement and function. Impulses send this intricate information through the nerve connections in our spine. When vertebrae become subluxated because of any number of factors, interference results in the body’s communication process, negatively affecting functions and performance.

How Chiropractors Correct Vertebral Subluxations

Sherman College’s curriculum focuses on the science of vertebral subluxation, transcending superficial treatment of symptoms to instead locate, analyze and correct the root causes of body dysfunction. Chiropractic students learn about the relationship between spinal segments and the nerve system to help the body heal without drugs or surgery. Clinical training includes taking a case history, physical and spinal examination, x-ray studies (if warranted) and more before determining an appropriate plan of care and prudent application of adjustive technique.
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