The ROAR Diaries: Winter in Kansas City

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts by Director of Reach Out And Recruit Jorge Campos, D.C., A.C.P.

There I was in Kansas City, MO, coming out from the airport into a bone-chilling 9-degree weather. As a hot-blooded Latino, I must admit that it was rough to be out in the cold visiting ROAR doctors, but knowing how passionate these chiropractors are, I had to go visit their offices. These doctors, as members of our Reach Out And Recruit program, are on the front lines, changing students’ lives by mentoring them and recruiting them to build our chiropractic profession.

My first stop was Taylor Phipps, D.C., at Innate Family Chiropractic in downtown Kansas City. His office was very welcoming, and as I arrived, they were getting ready to serve afternoon patients. It was very special to see the family business; even their young daughter, Elsie, was there to help. Phipps says he encourages prospective chiropractic students to visit Sherman College because he knows that we will teach the philosophy of chiropractic, giving the students a sense of purpose as future chiropractors.

My next stop on this trip was JJ Schmidt, D.C., at Active Chiropractic. Even though the weather outside was freezing, a woman in her early 70s was there, waiting for her adjustment. She was telling everyone in the reception area how important chiropractic is in her life and how grateful she is for Schmidt’s care.

Schmidt says he refers students to Sherman because he is pleased with the college’s progress, and he appreciates the passionate leadership of President Edwin Cordero, D.C., and Senior Vice President for Presidential Affairs Neil Cohen, D.C. While having breakfast together, we encountered several students from another chiropractic college at the café, so we had an impromptu philosophy breakfast. We had a great time, and Schmidt invited the students to shadow his office so they could see how chiropractic changes people’s lives.

Next, I went to visit Casey Berry, D.C. at All Star Chiropractic, and to my pleasant surprise, the first thing that I saw was a stack of Sherman College promotional materials in his waiting room area. He shared that the materials are a great educational tool in his office. “When patients see my chiropractic diploma from a different school, they often ask me why I have materials from a different chiropractic school in my reception area,” Berry shared with me.

“This allows me to explain to them the philosophy and purpose of chiropractic,” he said. “Once my patients get the big idea, they understand why they come to my office and why I support Sherman College.” We had a great conversation about chiropractic, Sherman College, and the current health mindset in our world, until we reached closing time at 6 p.m. It was the perfect timing to head back to the hotel because it had just started to snow.

The following day, I had the pleasure of visiting Andrew Harding, D.C., at The Chiropractic Healing Center. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association, and he is a strong Sherman supporter as well. Harding’s office had a great energy. We discussed the importance of human touch, and we talked about how special it is to provide that service in a chiropractic office.

I also had a great conversation with his daughter about chiropractic as a career choice. She has an intense desire to serve humanity and make a positive impact in the world. I have no doubt she will make an amazing chiropractor, since she already has a servant’s heart.

Finally, I visited the office of Chris Harris, D.C., and Chase Carlin, D.C., at Apex Chiropractic. Again, it was great to see our college’s promotional materials at their front desk. These doctors love mentoring prospective students, and they have an open-door policy for any student who would like to learn more about chiropractic. Harris shared that he appreciates Sherman College’s hands-on approach to education, even during these difficult pandemic times. As dog lover, I truly enjoyed getting to know their beautiful support dog at their office. She was such a good girl!

This office also had great energy, and that day, the doctors were taking care of Hispanic patients. A mother from Ecuador said, “I love coming to this place. These doctors are just wonderful.” Harris replied with his thanks, adding that, “Your son should go check out Sherman College. He would be an amazing chiropractor!” He thought better of it and then joked, “Hmm… or better not, though, because we love your family, and we don’t want to lose you as patients.”

As I thought about these visits on my way home, I realized these passionate Kansas City doctors had blown me away. I could feel the love for chiropractic and support for Sherman College in each office. The extremely cold temperatures of that week did not stop them from being there for their patients, serving and making the world a better place, one spine at the time.