Celebrating 50 Years of Sherman College

50 Years Dr. Gelardi
50 Years Gelardi Student Center


Since its founding in 1973, Sherman College has built a reputation for graduating highly skilled, compassionate, ethical and successful doctors of chiropractic. Sherman College founder Dr. Thomas A. Gelardi established the college to help protect and develop the chiropractic profession. He envisioned an environment where chiropractic could be studied, advanced, taught and then shared worldwide for the ultimate good of humanity. Sherman College carries on that purpose today.

From its first small building downtown to its current 80-acre campus in northern Spartanburg County, Sherman College has grown in size, stature and impact during its first 50 years and is now a widely acknowledged leader in the field.

Sherman College offers a doctor of chiropractic program unique in its approach to health care and known globally for the skill and art of chiropractic delivered by graduates. Sherman alumni are industry leaders who are unparalleled in their knowledge of the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic and unmatched in their commitment to sharing chiropractic and serving worldwide.

Randy Baze, Class of 1983

Alumni of the Week: Randy Baze

Graduation Year: 1983 Current Location: Renton, WA Years in Practice: 38 How do you stay connected to Sherman College? Send donations through my animal practice. Most Memorable

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Looking Forward

With its distinguished faculty, talented staff, dedicated students and international network of more than 3,700 respected alumni and doctors of chiropractic, Sherman College continues to explore, advance, teach and share principled chiropractic for the benefit of humanity. The college attracts students from around the world, equipping graduates for long-term career success and positioning the institution to continue its trajectory as the leading chiropractic college.

We are grateful to those who paved the way before us. We are thankful for those who serve with us now. And we look forward with great anticipation to what the next 50 years hold for Sherman College of Chiropractic.