Classroom session

LCW Philosophy Weekend

L.C.W… Love Crazy Weekends? I think not. It stands for League of Chiropractic Women. They are a global organization that seeks to be “a voice

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Founder of Chiropractic

The Undeniable Treasure

There are undeniable treasures that have embodied chiropractic’s heritage. Initially, there are people that stood tall and firm for the cause in the very beginning of chiropractic history – D.D. Palmer, founder; Dr. B.J. Palmer,

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Chiropractic Philosophy 101

Chiropractic Philosophy 101 Chart by B.J. Palmer Definitions: Innate Intelligence: that intelligence that directs the life force and all functions of the body resides in

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Dr. Charles Kenya

Meet Melinda!

Why, at the age of 27, being a mother of two daughters (Abigail, 4, and Roslyn, 2) and a wife to a wonderful husband, would

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choose a chiropractic college

Chiropractic Philosophy

As I have been attending school here at Sherman I have heard other students on a number of occasions question the importance of the philosophy that is taught here. As a previous biology

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