Get Active at Your Chiropractic College

Here at Sherman College of Chiropractic, there are many ways to be active in the campus community. Whether you want to serve in a leadership role, join a club, take part in community service, or just simply connect with others, we have it all! We teamed up with sixth quarter student Brooke McWhirt to bring you all of the information in today’s post.


Brooke is from West Virginia and graduated from Fairmont State with her B.S. in Exercise Science. After receiving care from a local chiropractor when she sustained a sports injury, she decided that she wanted to help other feel and function their best, and that is how she ended up at Sherman College of Chiropractic.


Brooke is an active member of the campus community. She is the Chiropractic Student Government (CSG) Secretary, President of the Healthy Spines Club, and a member of the Gonstead Club, Animal Club, TRT Club and AMPED Club. Brooke regularly attends seminars, at least once per quarter, that are business and/or technique related.


Brooke says her dog, Bonnie, is a great stress reliever during chiropractic school; they are always going on adventures, taking hikes, and decompressing after long days of classes. Bonnie even gets adjusted by a local animal chiropractor! In her free time, Brooke likes to hang out at local breweries with her friends, hit the gym, or relax at home with her pup! Brooke’s favorite part about Sherman College is the family-like atmosphere. “There are always friendly faces in the hallway,” she says. “Everyone is smiling and checking up on each other.”


Now, let’s hear what Brooke has to say about getting active at chiropractic college.


The Chiropractic Student Government (CSG) is there to be a connection between the administration and the students. Some roles of CSG include:

·         Working with Student Affairs to coordinate on-campus activities for current students

·         Organizing community service and fundraising activities for students

·         Helping oversee clubs on campus

·         Providing food during finals week


CSG officers are elected once per year, in November. There are several perks to serving as a CSG officer and any quarter student can apply! As mentioned, CSG helps coordinate many on campus activities as well as clubs. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when it comes to different activities:

On Campus Activities

Club Day – Club Day happens once each quarter, always on the first Thursday. On this day, every club on campus sets up a table and students can go around to each table to get information about the club and meet the leadership. A fun fact about clubs at chiropractic college – some clubs hold club specific events. Some recent events include: yoga, Zumba, barre, basketball, volleyball, evening pet walks and more. Some clubs also host intramural sports and organized workout classes.


Tech Talks – Once a quarter, technique club leaders come together and each give a 10-15 minute presentation all about their technique, what they do, how they do it, and what sets their technique apart. This is open to student body to go and learn more about different chiropractic techniques.


General Assembly – This is where club and student representatives meet with the CSG officers. The officers take time to relay new information to the student body. This might include upcoming events, important reminders, changes happening on campus, etc.


Fun Day – Fun Day happens once each year. Afternoon classes are cancelled, and students can relieve some stress on campus! Fun Day usually includes free food, Sherman swag, obstacle courses, corn hole tournaments, volleyball games and more.


In addition to these activities, many more take place at chiropractic school. A few examples include:

·         Free breakfast the week of finals

·         Meals provided to the campus community during the holiday season

·         Various appreciation activities (popcorn bar, snack tables, photo booths, stress-relieving kits, etc.)

·         Puppy palpation / horse palpation (yes, we bring these animals on campus!)


Community Service

In addition to activities, there are also several ways to be active in the community beyond Sherman College’s campus. Some of these include:

·         Blood drive once per quarter

·         Highway clean up twice per quarter

·         Club-determined community service events (you can donate items or your time)

·         Various volunteer opportunities where you can earn community service hours (an example would be volunteering to run an activity at Fun Day)


Sororities / Fraternities

Lastly, Sherman College has a technique sorority and fraternity and a philosophy sorority and fraternity. Although these fall under the clubs category, they do not follow the same guidelines as clubs. Aside from sorority/fraternity-specific activities, the technique sorority and fraternity host a speakeasy dance once a year. The entire study body and guests are invited to take part in this fun-filled night! These are always themed and hosted off campus. You can get more information about sororities and fraternities at Club Day!


For more information about how you can be active in the campus community, you can reach out to Student Affairs at or the Chiropractic Student Government at