High School Students

Charting Your Path

The path to chiropractic college is different for everyone. While some students take a while to realize chiropractic is the career they’re looking for, some feel a “calling” or have a transformational experience early on and just know it’s right for them.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have found your purpose early in life, congratulations! We are here to help guide you on your way to chiropractic college. There are plenty of preparations you can make to become a doctor of chiropractic, even while you are still in high school.

  • Prepare Academically
    To get into chiropractic college, you’ll need plenty of science credits, so high school is the perfect time to focus on your studies to prepare for the college courses you’ll need as prerequisites. High school is also a great time to practice time management and work toward a healthy school-life balance.
  • See Chiropractic in Action
    The best way to learn more about the profession is to see it in action. Why not shadow a Sherman College graduate in your area to learn more about what it’s like to be in practice. Our ROAR program can help connect you to alumni near you – contact our office to get connected.
  • Learn more about Sherman College
    It’s never too early to request information about Sherman College and a career in chiropractic. Our staff can help guide you through the prerequisites you need for admissions, as well as some options that can speed your entry into chiropractic college. We can even help you choose an undergrad major.
  • Get Here Sooner
    If you’re excited to get started, we can help you get here even sooner. Sherman College has articulation and fast-track agreements in place with many institutions to streamline your preparation for chiropractic college and save you time and money, depending on your state’s requirements.