A Day in the Life – Alexandra Wright

A Day in the Life - Alexandra Wright

My name is Alexandra Wright. I am currently in 11th quarter here at Sherman College, and I am from Gaffney, SC! I chose Sherman College because ever since I was a child, I enjoyed helping people, so I knew that I had to make a career out of it. I grew up going to a chiropractor regularly, having my very first adjustment at only a few days old!

Growing up with chiropractic being a normal part of my routine, I valued the care that was given to me via the chiropractor, and with Sherman being so close to home, I knew the choice was obvious. I am very happy with my choice of career and school, and I grow more and more eager to serve others each day.

Here’s a typical day in the life of an 11th quarter student:

  • Once my alarm goes off in the morning, I am up and getting ready for class.
  • I try to leave 30 minutes early, even though it is only a 10-minute drive to school – to ensure that I arrive on time.
  • Once in class, I take notes and try to organize what to study for and what assignments need to be done that day.
  • I carry on with my school schedule, attending my assigned classes and working my work-study job between them. I work for the registrar’s office, so my time is usually spent filing various student forms
  • I also try to fit meeting with some of my patients in-between classes when I am not work-studying. Before meeting with my patients, I work my way over to the intern computer room, where I change into my clinic jacket and situate my personal belongings. I then retrieve the appropriate file from the records room and meet my patient in the lobby. I guide them back to our appropriate room and I begin a spinal check. Upon completion of the spinal check, I meet with my case doctor and we discuss the best care to deliver on that appointment. We then follow through with this care, and I walk my patient up to the front desk, where we sign out / pay / schedule for the following week. I then go back to the intern computer room where I complete necessary paperwork.
  • When I’m not in class, or work study or the clinic, you can find me in a study room completing various assignments and studying various material. When I have time to go to a study room, I always make sure that I can get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria!
  • Once the school day is over, I get into my car and drive home, which is where I square away whatever chores needed to be done. I usually am preparing for my boards exams at this time, once I have eaten dinner and relaxed for a little while.
  • Once I have finished studying for the night, I like to watch a movie or show with my boyfriend to give my brain a little rest from school-related activities, and then I go to sleep to get a full night’s rest so that I can repeat it all the next day!