Chiropractic Careers: Pediatric and Pregnancy Care

Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic

Keeping Expectant Mothers and Kids Healthier with Chiropractic Care

Interest in pediatric chiropractic has skyrocketed as parents look for safer, more proactive ways to care for their children, sometimes even before they are born. Because chiropractic helps the body function at its best, it can especially benefit both pregnant moms and children, who have to adapt to their often-changing environments and are subject to many outside stressors.

Powerful and Proactive

Although many parents and expectant moms notice that chiropractic care can have a positive effect on a variety of health issues, Sherman College’s approach is uniquely focused on creating a physical environment for optimum overall health rather than treating specific conditions. Using chiropractic to keep the spine aligned and the nervous system working at its best provides the foundation for the body’s natural, innate ability to self-regulate and heal, which is crucial for well-being.

Healthy Spine, Healthy Life

Kids are remarkably resilient, but their bodies still feel the effects of nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxations. The birth process can be traumatic on the neck. The cumulative effects of a typical childhood can create spinal misalignments that interfere with the optimal functioning of the nervous system.

A growing number of parents are taking a proactive, preventative approach regarding the health of their children with chiropractic. Caring for the spinal structure of children can:

·         Set a strong foundation of health so kids grow up allowing their bodies to self-regulate and function optimally.

·         Save families money by keeping kids healthy, reducing or eliminating their reliance on interventions or medications to treat health issues.

·         Ensure that optimal health in childhood leads to better health in adulthood.

Training with the Experts

Sherman College will prepare you to care for all kinds of patients, including expectant moms and children. The core curriculum features a course in pediatrics, and an elective course is available for students interested in further study. A number of Sherman College faculty members are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Two Sherman professors are ICPA instructors who travel the globe training and educating other doctors of chiropractic as part of this certification program.

“Pediatric care is hands down the most rewarding part of chiropractic practice. Children under chiropractic care are at an advantage to grow optimally. There is no better feeling than knowing a child’s body will grow, heal and function better because their body is able to move without restriction and with less tension of their nervous system.”

Dr. Jamielee Shanahan, Class of 2010


“Chiropractic care allows the expecting mother to better handle some of the discomforts that may come with pregnancy. I have found that consistent chiropractic care will help patients best adjust to the changes their bodies are facing. It’s a beautiful thing to watch them transition.”

Dr. Shaneen Brown, Class of 2014

South Carolina