Chiropractic Careers: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur feature
The Business of Chiropractic

Too often, freshly minted doctors of chiropractic go out into the workplace with great clinical skills, but minimal preparation for how to run a successful business. It can be difficult to help patients achieve optimal health without the business acumen needed to open and run a successful practice. Sherman College’s Graduation Plus 10 (G10) business curriculum helps you develop the skills you need for success as both a doctor of chiropractic and as an entrepreneur. Faculty and special guest instructors for this program have completed a coaching/training program specifically to serve as your expert guides on this part of your journey.

Preparing for Practice Success

Sherman’s innovative G10 program helps you align your interests as a practitioner with the type of practice you ultimately decide to open. You’ll be more comfortable with decisions about your practice when you’re knowledgeable and passionate about the path you’ve chosen. The G10 program helps you develop a game plan while you’re still in school for eliminating student loan debt within the first 10 years after graduation.

In the same way you study the fundamentals of chiropractic long before working directly with a patient, the G10 program allows you to build your knowledge, skills and self-assurance about the business aspects of running a successful chiropractic practice.

Becoming a Chiropractic Entrepreneur

The G10 program helps you explore the practical aspects of establishing, growing and maintaining a practice. You’ll receive intensive training on how to be a chiropractic entrepreneur, covering everything from managing start-up costs to defining the value proposition of your business. Along with expert clinical instruction, you’ll learn sound business practices that will enable you to build an enduring, financially sound practice that will allow you to fully serve.

“G10 helps you create your vision for what you want your future practice to be; it helps you make the checklist of what you need before you open for patients. It doesn’t answer all your questions, but gives you the resources to create your own success.”   

Drs. Breanna & Barry Powderly, Class of 2017




“There is no way to put a value on this degree. The experience I have gained as an entrepreneur has been tremendous, but the difference between us and a regular business entrepreneur is that we are backed by the best profession in the world. We are sharing hope, health, healing, and above all self-empowerment.”

Dr. Molly Spohn, ’19

South Carolina