Sherman College Names Chiropractor of the Year, Regent of the Year and Other Award Recipients

Sherman College is honoring alumni, chiropractors, and supporters during its 48th Lyceum, a homecoming and continuing education event attended by hundreds of chiropractors and students throughout the U.S. and internationally. Lyceum is held each year and involves three days of seminars, special events and other programs. More than 600 people are expected to participate in the event this week, October 28-30 and registration is open for Lyceum 2022. The college is proud to announce the following 2021 award recipients.

Thom and Betty Gelardi Service Award: Christopher Kent, D.C., A.C.P., J.D.

A 1973 graduate of Palmer College, Kent is a chiropractor as well as an attorney and is recognized with this award in honor of his unselfish dedication, visionary leadership and pioneering spirit. He is the author of many articles in peer-reviewed and popular journals, a contributor to textbooks, and has served on the postgraduate faculties of several chiropractic colleges. Kent’s involvement with Sherman College goes back to 1979, when he served briefly as academic dean. After later serving on the college’s Board of Trustees, Kent joined the Sherman team to serve as Director for Scholarly Activity, where he integrates his passions for teaching and research. He organizes and is a regular presenter at Sherman’s International Research and Philosophy Symposium.

Gelardi Service Award Winner

Chiropractor of the Year:  Kim Stetzel, D.C.

A 1984 graduate of Life Chiropractic College, Stetzel is a second-generation chiropractor who has been in practice for the past 37 years. She is recognized with this award for her efforts to advance Sherman College and the principled chiropractic profession. Stetzel currently runs Branchville Family Chiropractic with her husband Greg Stetzel, D.C., ’83. The couple’s children, Billy and Danielle, are 2017 and 2018 Sherman College graduates as well. Stetzel recently completed her eighth year on Sherman College’s Board of Trustees; her roles have included leadership positions as vice chair and chair of the nominations committee. She is the founding board member and past president of League of Chiropractic Women

Chiropractor of the Year Lyceum Award Winner

Regent of the Year:  Bob Irwin, D.C.

A 1979 graduate of Life Chiropractic College, Irwin first discovered his passion for chiropractic when Dr. K.R. Jones introduced him and his wife, Joy, to the science, art, and philosophy of the profession. He has carried over that passion to Sherman College, where he is being recognized for his outstanding and continuous advancement of the college through participation on the Board of Regents. Irwin practiced from 1980 to 2005 in Hendersonville, NC, and joined Sherman as an instructor in 1998, then later serving as a faculty doctor in the Health Center, dean of clinical sciences and vice president for academic affairs. He is currently provost/chief academic officer. Sherman College named him Faculty Member of the Year in 2003, and he received the Speakers Award from the American Black Chiropractic Association in 2009; he has lectured worldwide at various continuing education events

Lyceum Award Winner Bob Irwin

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