The Undeniable Treasure

Founder of Chiropractic

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Founder of Chiropractic

There are undeniable treasures that have embodied chiropractic’s heritage. Initially, there are people that stood tall and firm for the cause in the very beginning of chiropractic history  D.D. Palmer, founder; Dr. B.J. Palmer, developer; and Dr. Mable Palmer, the “sweetheart” of the students during her tenure at Palmer College. 

Other treasures include the early doctors that chose to spend time in jail rather than stop practicing their art. This actually propelled chiropractic into reality by sheer dedication.

Sherman Colleges’ heritage includes treasures like Dr. Lyle ShermanDrs. Thom and Betty GelardiDrs. Reggie and Irene Gold, and many others currently working on behalf of the college as members of the Boards of Trustees, the Board of Regents and as professors.

There are the “33 Principles” of Chiropractic; the “Green Books” of B.J. Palmer, which discuss his philosophy, the science he investigated, the art he developed as well as fascinating stories capturing the mood and politics of the early to mid 20th Century. There is the “Little Bit of Heaven” that B.J. created in his time of inner turmoil and reflection. These are all treasures.  
The many chiropractic techniques that have been developed and researched over the years are treasures of humanity. Without them, so many would continue to suffer adverse health and pain. 

Yet tonight, I contemplate something far more valuable than any of the above. On my mind, tonight is the treasure that I hold when I prepare to adjust. I grasp in my hands a life. I hold in my hands a human being. Here before me is someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, child. Someone’s precious child! And here I stand, at this moment entrusted with this life.

It has taken me time (one of the principles) to come to this point in my life. Many things learned as I walked towards my life in chiropractic. Most important in my development as a healer was when I held each of my children after their birth. I was then aware of the preciousness of life. And now, true to life’s purpose, as I hold these individual lives in my hands I appreciate and value the undeniable treasures that they are. Without these undeniable treasures, there would be no purpose in chiropractic.